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All payment is due in full before the time of service.  Learn about requesting a Good Faith Estimate.  Sliding scale pricing and scholarships may be available, spaces are limited.  All services offered are for clients ages 16 year of age or older.

We believe that creativity, adaptability, and openness is integral to advancing our mission to serve the community. Therefore we also can create custom programs or services based on your needs. If you have any ideas on how you would like to work with Align 22:39, or questions about our rates, please contact us below!  


Event Collaboration

$200/hr (Virtual Brainstorming Sessions)
$300/hr (In-Person Start-to-Finish Collaboration For Religious Institutions)
$300/hr (In-Person Start-to-Finish Collaboration for non-profit, community service, or local government organizations)
$400/hr (In-Person Start-to-Finish Collaboration for business/corporate) 

Corrine can provide consultation and/or collaboration on any area of expertise within her scopes of practice, such as body positivity, body respect, anti-fat phobia, intuitive eating, anti-diet culture sensitivity, social/cultural inclusivity, spiritual diversity, spiritual health, mental health awareness, mental health accommodations, work-life balance, burnout prevention, group relationships, and more. Schedule a free consultation call to see how Align 22:39 can bring your wellness event ideas to life.

Mini e-book only - $15
Printed copy of mini e-book - $20 (+S&H)


Wellness Workbook

Use the workbook on your own, at your own pace.  We encourage you to utilize the activities in conjunction with your support team, such as with family, your therapist, medical doctors, personal trainers, etc.  This way, they can be aware of your needs and goals. 

This workbook is also a great addition to any wellness goody bag for conferences, events, and raffles. Some of our clients have even gifted this book to their loved ones who are interested in personal growth, but do not know where to start.


Speaking Engagements

$1000 per appearance

Topics include, but are not limited to, mental health skills training, mental health education, diversity sensitivity trainings, topics related to spirituality and the Bible, and motivational speeches.

$250 per class (for planning and set up) plus $20 per attendee


Group Exercise Classes

Types of exercise classes include spiritual fitness classes, light introductory exercise with or without equipment, walking groups, jogging groups, hiking groups, and aerobic exercise that involves light dance. All in an emotionally safe and joyful atmosphere that is grounded in body positivity and size inclusivity.


Individual Coaching

The Original ALIGN 22:39™ Program - $850

The Original ALIGN 22:39™ Program includes a digital copy of the workbook, five 1:1 coaching sessions over the course of 60 days, and contact in between sessions via email and text. Supplemental educational materials, videos, and progress assessments will all be located in a CoachAccountable client portal. All sessions can be in-person at Corrine's Culver City location, or virtual sessions, depending on your location and needs.

The Executive ALIGN 22:39™ Program - $5000

The Executive ALIGN 22:39™ Program includes the following:

  • Digital and printed copy of the workbook

  • Ten 1:1 coaching sessions

    • Standard coaching sessions are one hour each

    • All standard coaching sessions can be in-person at Corrine's Culver City location, or virtual sessions, depending on your location and needs.​​

  • Five FLEX coaching sessions

    • FLEX coaching sessions are 1-3 hours long

    • Various options about location (based on location and availability. Clients who use FLEX sessions have requested meeting at their gym, at a park or beach, or other locations that involve their coaching goals.)

  • Contact in between sessions via email, text, and Voxer

  • Written report summarizing the insights and strategies that you have developed during the coaching session.

  • Supplemental educational materials, videos, progress assessments, and written reports will all be located in a CoachAccountable client portal.

  • Duration of program will be agreed upon by client and coach before starting sessions.

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