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Life Alignment Coaching

Alignment coaching with Corrine involves you taking a look at all important areas of your life, assessing what needs attention, and learning tools and skills that can help improve those areas as you embark on the next chapter of your life.  It's like a "tune-up," but for your whole being.  The goal is that you complete the program with more direction about how to continue improving your life and maintaining that progress. 

What My Colleagues Say

The Process to Whole-Being Alignment

The goal at ALIGN 22:39™ is to help each client build their own road map to healing that covers an their whole being (mental, physical, and spiritual self).  The workbook, Align & Love: The Mini Map is a tool to assist you in creating your personal roadmap, and can be purchased from my online store.  The workbook can be utilized on your own, with your own clinicians and support system, and/or in individual sessions with Corrine.


Identify and begin eliminating mental blocks and negative cognitive thinking patterns.


Begin learning new ways of thinking and healthier coping skills. Leading to making behavioral changes.


Behavioral changes to involve caring for one's body through improved nourishment, enjoyable movement, and supervision of necessary clinicians.


Explore spirituality, identify cognitive and emotional barriers to growing in faith. Engage in the practices that call to your spirit and enrich your spiritual belief system.


Create your own roadmap for well-being that includes all the unique lessons and skills that resonate with your spirit and values.


What my colleagues say...

Melissa pic.jpeg

Melissa Paramo, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

I have had the pleasure of working with Corrine on a professional level and I have nothing but positive things to say about her. Her caring, empathetic and gentle approach contribute to the security and progress her clients experience with her. Any referrals I send her way, always come back with nothing but positive and praise worthy experiences. Any client Corrine works will be nothing less than pleased with their experience with her. 

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