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Yoga for Mental Health 2023 Gallery

Rob Don Guilmette (Sound Healer & Yoga Instructor) and Corrine Limas (Align 22:39) teamed up at Yoga Lobo in South Gate, CA to provide a workshop about the benefits of yoga for one's mental health. We learned about our nervous system and how combining Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Yoga, breathwork, and joyful movement could greatly improve mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

Special Thank You & Resources

Thank you to YOGA LOBO at the WOLVES DEN for allowing us to host this event for the community.

Listen to Rob Don Guilmette's Yoga Nidra Meditation that he provided at the event:

Yoga Nidra Meditation 22Rob Don Guilmette
00:00 / 22:00

Check out the PowerPoint Presentation we provided to participants at the event.

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